Advanced Transfer

Normal transfer is a very simple feauture to configure on an Asterisk Enviroment, but the lack on information on the screen when a transfer is done (ie, identificate origen source of the call, and not the person who does the action of transfer) is something that can originate confusions.

This is of particular interest in boss-assistant environments, where the original caller identification should be preserved over the assistant, in order to avoid clutter and derived mistakes. Added value is the possibility of intuitively select which channel to transfer, if more than one, thus eliminating frequent mistransferences. And also added value is the possibility of setting up a "frequent list" of users for frequent transfer that take priority in the destination transfer screen.


Getting this behaviour on a phone can be quite complex, since it would depend on browsers capabilities and feautures of the phone, but can be implemented, trought some complex scripting, on most modern phones that admits mini-browsers capabilites (ie, snom or cisco phones).

An example of this scripting can be found at Asterisk Arena, as well as detailed instructions about the feauture usage..

Created by: agorosti, Last modification: Thu 12 of Mar, 2009 (12:23 UTC)
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