Affordable fax services

Small and medium sized companies can maintain a very limited number of fax machines owing to limited budget. Such companies therefore have very few fax numbers for customer/client interaction. Very few employees are privileged enough to have fax numbers of their own. Companies of this kind can opt for a hosted pbx system, wherein they can get the required number of fax numbers at a not so high rate.

A hosted PBX system is shared among numerous clients. The services are therefore inexpensive, since the cost is shared. A company need not purchase any PBX equipments for this kind of service. All the services are provided through a dedicated telephone or high bandwidth Internet line. A company can add newer numbers and extensions as and when required. The company can also provide fax numbers for individual employees. These fax numbers do not require any fax machines to receive the faxes. All one has to do is check his/her mail box for the required fax.

Hosted PBX systems feature a special service called fax to email service, or fax mail in short. Through this service, the faxes are converted into digital file format and sent to the recipient as an email. This eliminates the need for a fax machine. An employee is no longer dependent on the machine. He/She can check for faxes at any location in the world. Moreover, service providers of hosted pbx system offer cell phone or pager notification when new faxes arrive. Allotting fax numbers to individual employees thus helps in increasing their productivity.

Fax Service Providers

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