Alaris LCR Engine


Alaris LCR Engine developed by Alaris Labs is a smart routing system for voice and SMS traffic with an option of real-time management of VoIP and PSTN switches.

The primary objective of the system is to provide optimal call routing to maximize overall earnings by gaining the highest possible margin on each separate call while securing the required connection quality level.

Designed for

  • Telecom carriers operating transit switches produced by different vendors, including those based on different technology types (VoIP, TDM and SMS).
  • Wholesale carriers operating switches without flexible call routing.
  • Wholesale VoIP carriers interested in reducing operating costs and increasing their business manageability.

Core Features

Call Routing
A wide range of routing criteria with highly efficient traffic handling. Routing policy is defined by the user by indicating destination cost and quality criteria in the required order. Quality indicators employed in routing procedures include ASR, ACD, NER, PDD, Short Calls Ratio and other statistic parameters that can be obtained from raw CDRs.

Wide variety of routing criteria:
  • least cost routing (LCR),
  • margin-based routing,
  • quality-based routing linked to ASR, ACD, NER, etc.,
  • customized routing policies based on tailored combinations of cost and quality criteria,
  • destination or client-linked traffic sharing between vendors,
  • static routing – fixed vendor selection for traffic bound to specific destinations from par-ticular clients.

Rate management
A kit of user-friendly tools for handling rate plans, indispensable for cost-based routing. Rate import is fast, supports documents in various formats, and allows creation of templates for each carrier partner, considerably saving time in further operations. At a customer request Alaris LCR Engine may be integrated with the billing system currently employed by the carrier, securing a unified rate entry point in the network.

Reports and Analysis
Real time reports on any required parameters or statistical layouts. At any point of time such traffic and financial indicators as number of calls, duration, ASR, ACD, cost, margin, etc. are available for any client, vendor, or destination. A user can easily create tailored reports of any structure or complexity. The system is equipped with the alert generation mechanism enabling notification of concerned users in case if any significant changes in monitored parameters are detected.

Additional Information

To learn more about the solution please visit its description at Alaris Labs website

Free Trial Version

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