Alaris Labs releases new version of its inVoice VoIP billing and routing system: new traffic analysis capabilities

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Alaris Labs releases a new version of its business support system with new traffic analysis tools. The new analytical instruments now feature graphical representation of all technical (such as ASR, ACD, NER, PDD etc) and financial (such as Cost and Margin) statistical parameters, as well as a convenient data export mechanism.

The ability to analyze traffic trends in detail with a mouse click is one of the key advantages of the Alaris Labs inVoice billing and routing system. This tool allows the viewer to grab the print of the traffic patterns in a moment, since the entire traffic summary is concentrated on a single web-page. You can choose to view details for any combination of any parameters of traffic on this screen. The statistics are displayed instantly, since all major parameters are pre-calculated in the background and the viewer does not have to wait more than a few seconds to get the needed slice of data on the screen.

The parameters available include all meaningful CDR fields received from the underlying switching equipment and are supplemented with rate- and margin-related characteristics.

The main convenience of this tool is instant visualization of any parameter of the traffic with any time step - from minutes to months, which helps you make both tactical and strategic decisions regarding your business.

In version 2.7.0 the Analytics tool now includes additional capabilities that make the work of the system user even more productive. Chart representation of the table data makes it easier to grasp the dynamics of the traffic changes. For example, it is possible to build a chart of the ASR value changes for traffic from client A to destination B through vendor C and to capture daily, weekly or monthly deviations for this traffic. Charts can be built based on most of the available statistical parameters with the time span ranging from minutes to months. The graphical view of the traffic parameters makes it easier to set base for analytical reports, or within seconds to understand the reason for unexpected volume or margin drops.

Another important feature available in version 2.7.0 is the ability to export the data from the Analytics tool into an Excel document. The export feature is configurable and allows for differentiation of what needs to be exported.

Version 2.7.0 is available for clients since 22 Dec 2011. Clients may request software update by submitting a request to our Helpdesk system or via email .


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