Solves Your Toughest Telecommunications Problems
Whether You’re Wondering If You Need A New VOIP and IP Phone System Or Newer Carrier Services Such As SIP,
Our Vendor-Neutral Consulting Gives You Objective Analysis Of The Telecommunications Landscape That Best Fits Your Business Goals
Common questions clients ask are:
“How do we improve our contact, communication, and customer service quality with our prospects, customers and suppliers?”
“We know we should be looking at dramatic improvements to our business applications that we should be able to obtain from telecommunications technologies. However, the vendors really just want to sell us their systems. They don't have the time to understand our business needs and integrate those needs with today’s available technologies including a plan for our growth and our future.”

“We’ve been hearing a lot about VOIP and IP Telephony. What are the differences between these? How can they benefit us? What are the pitfalls we need to avoid?”

“Once we answer all the business issue questions then we have to understand the technologies and the vendors. How do we do that?

“One vendor tells us one thing; another vendor tells us something different. How do we know what to believe?”

“We don’t even know all the questions we should be asking of the vendors.”

“Telephone systems: Which one is right for us and why?

“Carrier services: Which services should we be using? We probably don’t even know about all the services available!”

Telecommunications and IT Expertise
Compatible with laptop computers, cell phone chargers and many more
Albassam.NeT increases your competitiveness by creating strategic value from voice, data, and video communications. Our consulting services position your company to take advantage of the rapidly expanding communications choices. Business goals of making quicker decisions, getting closer to the customer, and increasing productivity are directly tied to obtaining the proven results of using new communications technologies.
We specialize in linking telephone systems and services to your information systems to: improve customer service; reduce customer response time; increase direct links with suppliers and customers; shorten design, manufacturing, and delivery times; and enhance internal communications. We analyze and determine the real business advantages, not just “technology promises”, that apply to your specific business so you can derive competitive advantages from the most effective communications solutions.
We look from both the “top down” and the “bottom up” in reviewing how your business operates and the processes you are using. We brainstorm by asking how you would like to operate your business, without being constrained in thinking to what you think is possible. We then use our knowledge of current and future technologies and services to offer suggestions that help stimulate the discussion. The goal is to improve on how you run your business, often by improving how you communicate internally and with prospects, customers and suppliers, instead of just “automating” current practices.
One primary advantage of working with us is that we take your business perspective. Although vendors say they try to do this, they are still very centric about selling their own product or service. We take a broader view for you. Our approach has worked well for clients willing to invest in consulting to obtain the greatest value for their money. We have many examples where the cost avoidance and cost savings obtained from our consulting equaled many times our clients’ investment in our services.
We make it easy for you to discover the benefits of using the latest communications technologies. With today’s confusion of service providers and equipment vendors, as our client you can rely on us to understand your specific needs. We create comprehensive plans that show how all your voice, data, and video communications pieces fit together to meet business objectives. In this way, we guide you in viewing your communications systems as a strategic resource.
Our Primary Areas of Expertise include:
Business Planning Using Communications as a Strategic Resource
Needs Analysis and Cost/Benefit Studies
Communications Systems Design including Telephone Systems Equipment and Feature Comparisons; Evaluation and Selection of IP Telephony, VOIP, PBX, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI), Caller ID Screen Pops of Customer Records, and Other Telephone System Related Technologies
Contact Center (Call Center) Design and Solutions Integrating Voice Calls, E-mail, Fax, Web Chat, Web Call Back, Web Voice Calls, and Web Video Calls into One Contact Center
Complete IT Systems Design and Installation including Servers, Switches, Routers, Network Software, Security, Privacy, and Disaster Recovery, and Everything In-Between
Wide Area Voice and Data Communications Network Designs — Planning, Design, and Implementation of Public and Private Network Services including 1+ Dialing, Toll Free Inbound Services, Dedicated Lines (To Carriers’ Facilities), Private Lines (Between Your Locations), International Calling, VOIP, Frame Relay, T-1/PRI ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), and Specialized Voice and Data Lines and Services
Mixed Media Messaging (Unified Messaging) — Voice Mail, E-Mail, and Fax In One Mailbox
Wireless Services and Cellular Services
Local Exchange Carrier Services
Long Distance Carrier Services
Next Generation Technologies That Offer Greater Functionality and Flexibility for Lower Costs

Why Us?
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The #1 reason clients use our services:

We translate your Telecommunications and IT business goals and problems into systems and processes that achieve your goals and solve your problems.
The #2 reason clients use our services:

We reduce your expenses while increasing your functionality, productivity, and ease of use of your voice, data, and video communications.

Hazem Albassam
P.O Box 414
Heliopolis, Cairo
Egypt 11757
+20 11 438 6666
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