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Algo is a Canadian telecom manufacturer of SIP endpoints for voice paging, loud ringing and notification, visual alerting, security intercom and customer/emergency assistance. For further information visit:

Voice Paging, Loud Ringing and Alert Notification

SIP Audio Alerter (part #8180)


The 8180 SIP Audio Alerter is a SIP compliant PoE network audio device for voice paging, loud ringing and alert notification. The 8180 can be registered as two endpoints. When registered with a SIP server, one endpoint will play an audio file from internal memory upon ring detection (e.g. telephone loud ringing, alert notification). The second endpoint will auto-answer for voice paging and offer two-way talkback.

Equipped with a high efficiency integrated amplifier and tuned high quality loud speaker, the 8180 is typically eight times louder than a telephone speaker. If the optional Algo 1185 Horn Speaker (weatherproof) is used, then the 8180 can be twenty times louder. Several audio files are pre-loaded into the 8180 internal memory for ring/alert sounds, however, users may also record or upload custom audio files, music, sound effects, or voice announcements.

Key Features

    • Ambient noise monitoring automatically adjusts speaker volume to cope especially well in variable noise environments
    • High quality speaker for clarity of page and alert notifications
    • Customizable with a selection of pre-loaded ring tones/alerts or upload/record custom WAV files
    • Scalable solution supporting simultaneous multicast for large areas or multi-sites
    • Outputs for external speaker, slave amplifier, and relay (e.g. visual alerter, paging)
    • PoE and supporting common central provisioning protocols

Common Applications

    • Loud ringer in noisy or variable noise environments (e.g. classroom, restaurant, machine shop)
    • Voice paging (e.g. warehouse, workshop, office)
    • Alert notification for security, call center (e.g. threshold), process control, safety/emergency events
    • Outdoor ringing, paging or alerting (e.g. yard, car lot)
    • Multicast wide area mass notification/E911/safety announcements or alerts (e.g. plant, campus)
    • SIP interface with ambient noise compensation for existing speaker(s) or analog input to a paging amplifier
    • Visual notification in quiet or noise sensitive areas (e.g. church, hospital, theater, court room)

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Intercom / Doorphone Entrance Security

SIP Doorphone (part no. 8028)


The 8028 SIP Doorphone makes it efficient and secure to greet visitors from any phone connected to a communication network. With a simple key press on the phone, entry through a secure door/gate is controlled. The product is ideal for unattended lobbies, front doors, gates, warehouse/delivery doors, elevators, secure office/lab, or anywhere visitors may require assistance/controlled access in commercial or residential applications.

Installation is easy and flexible. Anywhere you can run single pair 24 AWG wire (up to 1000'), the 8028 full duplex capable digital Door Station intercom can be installed flush or surface mount, indoors or out. For security, the network connection and door/gate control relay are located inside the premise using the Algo Controller. Nothing at the Door Station will compromise security should anyone try to tamper with the intercom.


Key Features

    • Minimal wiring using single pair 24 AWG up to 1,000 Ft (300 m) between Door Station intercom and Controller
    • Door control relay and network connection located securely inside the premise at the Controller location
    • Auxiliary relay inputs and outputs available for adding accessories (e.g. sensor, card swipe, visual alerter)
    • Full duplex capable digital Door Station intercom; CSA/UL approved for outdoor applications
    • Supervised link to Door Station for monitoring fault conditions
    • SIP endpoint supporting common provisioning protocols

Common Applications

    • Unattended lobby
    • Controlled entrance (e.g. front door, delivery/warehouse entrance, secured room/lab)
    • Gate (e.g. secure yard, residence)
    • Parking lot assistance
    • Elevator phone

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