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For the longest time now, Skype has been known as the undisputed world leader in video call apps. This app became so popular to the extent that the term “Skyping” was considered to be a verb denoting the act of making a Skype call. However, in the process of time Skype users began expressing their concerns over service disruptions occasioned by too many crashes, low quality and some level of general mistrust with Microsoft, the company offering the Skype service.

Many VoIP apps have been launched to compete with Skype. These apps vary in their complexity and functionality. However, they can all be used to make calls to devices connected over the internet. For those fed up with Skype, here are some alternatives worth considering:

Google Hangouts (iOS, Web, Android)

With this app, you can chat over video, text and do video and text chats with up to ten people at a time for free. If you are in the US or Canada, you can also enjoy free VoIP calls. For those outside the two regions, they can also enjoy paid VoIP calls, at a relatively lower cost compared to other VoIP calls providers.
Users of Google Hangouts can also broadcast live hangouts at no fee through Hangouts on air. The live hangouts session is normally recorded and can be uploaded to the user’s YouTube channel. Google Hangouts beats Skype in that there is no need to install any third-party app or software to use the service. All you need to do is to sign in to your Google plus or Gmail account and start using hangouts and all its features.

Google hangouts allows for up to 10 people to connect with each other simultaneously and engage in a video call on Android and iOS devices. Calls made over Hangouts does not use the included minutes instead it uses the data bundles or connected Wi-Fi. Google Hangouts uses contacts that it accesses from the phone contacts list and email contacts list. Almost all calls to the U.S. and Canada are free from countries where Hangouts is available. Users can make calls to other countries at a small per minute charge. (Web, iOS) is one of the simplest ways to start a video call. This app lets you connect with friends, families and colleagues without having to either download the app or signing up. iOS users can download and install the app and enjoy the free video and text chats provided through the app.

To use the app, users have to visit the website or launch the iOS app and create a “Room” link which they can then share with those they wish to chat with. Once a recipient clicks on the shared link, the room will open in his or her browser. Users can choose between video calls, voice calls or send text chats to those in the chat room. To enhance the security and privacy of the chat room, users can create a free account with which will allow them to lock the room and keep off intruders.

ooVoo (Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac)

ooVoo is an app that looks and operates in like manner as WhatsApp. ooVoo is superior to WhatsApp in that it allows for screen sharing. Users can make free calls to other ooVoo users. The app can be run on Android, Web, iOS and Windows. The web-based version can support up to 12 people at a time. Users can use the app to make paid calls to landlines and mobiles.

If two or more contacts use the ooVoo app, it is possible for these contacts to use the app for messaging where they can record and send text and video messages to each other. The app also allows users to make web-based to none ooVoo users.


Viber makes it possible for users to make international calls from their desktops. This app allows users to enjoy free voice and video calls and text chats with their friends and family members using the same app. The video call sessions on Viber can accommodate up to 40 people at any one time. International and domestic calls are billed from just above $0.01 per minute. Viber can also be used to send text, documents, video messages and images via the app. The app is secured such that all messages sent through it are encrypted.

Aside from acting as a video, voice and text messaging app, Viber also has games which users can play with their friends. They can also join public chats and follow popular brands and stay up to date with local and international news. International travelers need not worry about roaming charges. Calls made through Viber are not subjected to roaming fees.

Talky (iOS, Web)

This app is similar to the app, which is extremely easy to use. Users can host group video chats without having to download any app to their devices. Similar to app, users just have to pick a room name, generate a unique URL for the room then share it with the intended meeting participants. The app can support up to 15 people at any single time. Hosts can easily lock the rooms for extra privacy. Users can also make domestic and international calls via the app.

Voca (iOS, Android)

Voca allows users to make affordable international calls via the users’ data or Wi-Fi connections. Users can enjoy the lowest call rates when calling over 230 countries through the Voca app. If connecting to other users on Voca, video calls, text and voice calls are absolutely free. Users just have to ensure that they have an active data plan or their Wi-Fi connections are on. All messages and calls are encrypted for enhanced security ensuring that all messages shared via the app are safe and secured.


WhatsApp allows users to call other users who are on WhatsApp. This app is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Web and Desktop. However, the calls can only be made on iOS, Android and Windows. WhatsApp’s popularity in Canada, the U.S. and Europe has seen it attract huge following which number more than one billion users globally. Both the video and voice calling are done using the data plan that the user is subscribed to.

So, will you be abandoning Skype?

Skype is a popular app used to make over the internet calls. However, as discussed above, there are other apps that are better and more reliable than Skype. The choice is entirely yours- you can choose to replace Skype with one or more of the apps discussed above or stick with it hoping that upgrades will be done soon to resolve the issues that the app has.

Does any of the apps discussed above look good enough as alternatives to Skype? Is the frustration with Skype so much that you would consider moving away from Skype?

Before choosing any app as a replacement for Skype, make sure that the app you settle for has all the features that you need. Choose an app that will give you more for less. If possible, go for an app that is free and easy to use.

More Skype Alternatives:

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