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Long distance phone calls aren't cheap. While many cell phone carriers allow customers to call people for free, landlines may not give customers that same luxury. A long-distance phone call may cost at least ten cents a minute. If the call is an international, the cost-per-minute can skyrocket. The exorbitant costs of international calls may even extend to cell phone users. Voice over internet phones (VoIP) helps to reduce or eliminate these long-distance charges.

Customers who use voice over the internet phone service can make free phone calls when they call someone who has an account with the same provider. It costs very little to make a direct call to a landline or cell phone using one of these services. Customers pay a fraction of what they would pay if they use a standard phone service.

There are several advantages to using a voice over internet phones over a traditional phone service. They do not require the use of dedicated hardware. Users can make calls from a computer. If preferred, users can connect a handheld phone to a home internet service to make calls. Most VoIP services come with an app for mobile devices that allow international calls to made from anywhere.

Some voice over internet phone services even allow video chat. Video chatting is a great way to communicate with family and friends that users don't get to see often. Being able to see someone while speaking to them creates a sense of intimacy that callers don't get to experience using a traditional phone. Instant messenger is also available on voice over internet phone services. Here are our top six choices for voice over internet phone service providers.


RingCentral is a communication system that operates in the cloud. More than 350,000 organizations across the world use RingCentral's services. The service has a tiered-monthly payment plan with the highest-cost tier comes with the most features and extensions.

Because many companies still use fax machines, having the ability to send faxes over the internet is a useful feature. RingCentral gives people the ability to take a document save on cloud storage or computer and send it as a fax. The recipient receives the document as a regular fax. This feature saves ink, paper and time. RingCentral also lets users receive faxes as an electronic document. Electronic documents are easier to share and limit the change of an unintended recipient seeing the document.

Gain control over who calls the business by using the call screening feature. This feature lets businesses block numbers without affecting any other callers. Another feature allows calls to be forwarded directly to voice mail. It takes very little time or effort to modify the phone settings. It only takes a few moments to block calls from former employees or clients. RingCentral also has a feature that allows the forwarding of calls to a smartphone when employees are out of the office. Despite the services offered by RingCentral, users do complain that customer services could be better. RingCentral has a habit of not returning customer service calls.

Google Voice

Google Voice's VoIP service is another good alternative to Vonage's phone service. The service gives users a virtual phone number. The system is free and makes it easy to port an existing number. It is possible to have a home, office phone number and mobile phones under a single number. All phone numbers will ring simultaneously, making it possible to answer the phone from any location.

Google Voice works on all devices. Regardless of what device users spend the majority of their time using, the virtual phone number's interface is always available. Another convenient feature of Google Voice is the ability to send and receive text messages on any device. Equipping a computer with speakers and a microphone lets the computer to become a device that can take and make phone calls.

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Ooma is virtual phone service that is designed for small businesses. It comes with a variety of features that can increase the public's perception of the company. The service offers one, all-inclusive pricing plan. Users no longer have to worry selecting a plan that addresses their needs without spending too much on features they don't desire. With Ooma, small businesses also get to keep their existing phone numbers free of charge. Keeping the same business number is key to maintaining existing branding.

Ooma is a well-built and simple app. Users can access the company phone system from any telephonic device. The smartphone app lets users stay connected to the business on their tablets and mobile phones. The call-forwarding feature forwards calls to one mobile device. However, there is a setting that lets forward call ring on multiple phones at once.

Another benefit of using Ooma is the virtual receptionist. Users get a virtual receptionist that helps guide callers to the correct department or person. Companies also get extension dialing to help customers contact a specific person more quickly. Hold music is available to keep callers occupied while they wait.

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Skype has been in business since 2003, and through the years their technology has become quite advanced. While the company is known or their video conferencing services, people don't realize that Skype offers services that can serve as a replacement for standard phone lines. They offer services similar to companies like Google Voice and Vonage. Skype has a variety of options available for people seeking to cut the cord, or wanting a new business line.


PhonePower allows users to make calls from their computer or phone. The company is not as well-known as Vonage or Google Voice. However, it does have most of the services offered by those companies. PhonePower has a business phone service that adds several useful features to a standard phone line. These features include an incoming call management service, three-way calling, and advanced call forwarding features. PhonePower offers clear call quality and selection of plans to meet a variety of needs.


This VoIP provider makes it possible to replace the landline. magicJack offers a solution that uses the internet to receive and make phone calls. This service can use existing phones and users can make calls on their computer. magicJack's greatest strength is that it allows users to make phone calls with needing to pay a cable company for phone service. The VoIP service can also act as an alternative to Google Voice or Vonage.

VoIP services allow users to save money on phone services. While saving money is a good motivator, don't forget that these services come with a host of other features. Before selecting a VoIP provider, make sure the service has the features that meet every need.

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