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Its possible to use a Google Android Phones' internet connectivity to make low cost or free VOIP phone calls. An Android phone can make Internet connections either via the cellular data networks EDGE, 3G, CDMA, or via WiFi. Using VOIP over the cellular network may violate your cellular provider's terms of service — check your contract first. Below you will find some Android VoIP solutions and mobile apps.
Mobile VoIP Solutions
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Rebtel VoIP Cheap International Calling
  • Free Calls to your Rebtel friends
  • Cheap international calls to any phone
  • Make calls from your PC, iPhone, Android phone, or BlackBerry
Below you will find news and a list of VoIP apps for Android that allow you to make cheap or free VoIP calls using your data connection instead of your cellular network.



VOIP Native Applications for Android

VOIP Web Applications for Android

Android VoIP Reviews

Android VoIP SDKs

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