Answer Machine Detection from DSC


Answer Machine Detection from DSC

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) develops call center technology products including autodialers that use answering machine detection (AMD) techniques. This technology is critical during the delivery of voice broadcast phone messages and while performing predictive dialing phone campaigns. This technology employs Intel / Dialogic telephony boards and the accompanying software libraries. DSC offers both a digital phone system called PACER as well as an analog system known as the WIZARD that supports this technology. Current developments with VOIP technology also incorporate answer machine detection.

Note: Current Dialogic technology supports AMD that is 80 - 95% reliable. User configured parameters are provided that allow the developer to increase this accuracy at the expense of additional detection processing and time.

AMD and Predictive Dialing

One of the more benefitial features of predictive dialing is the ability to screen answering machines and not connect these calls to agents. Using the positive answering machine detection logic built into our phone systems, DSC properly identifies an answering machine when placing automatic calls. Each call that is detected as an answering machine is flagged, and the number can be re-dialed at a later time. A recorded message could likewise be left on this machine.

Voice Broadcasting and Answer Machine Detection

DSC voice broadcasting systems can place one call or millions of calls to individuals. A pre-recorded phone message can be played to either individuals or answering machines informing them of emergency alerts, community events, or upcoming appointments.

Different recorded messages can be played if the phone system detects an answering machine versus an individual. Simple to complex scripts can be developed for touchphone response. Calls can be directed to operators that are standing by or can be transferred to outside third parties. The Telephone Reassurance phone system utilizes the answering machine detection logic of the WIZARD and PACER phone systems when calling seniors or latch key children.

Properly Playing Recording Messages To Answer Machines

Besides simply detecting an answering machine, our phone system can "listen" to the greeting prompt left on an answering machine and begin playing a recorded message when the greeting is finished. This is critical to providing a professional message on an answering machine.

Some technology providers simply guess the length of the machine's greeting. This can result in several annoying experiences for the call recipient when listening to the answering machine message. Either there is a long delay before the message is played or a truncated message is left on the machine. Other technologies simply play the recorded message immediately, ignoring the fact that the machine is not yet recording the message. This technology sometimes plays the recorded messages several times to ensure the message is fully recorded on the answering machine. Both of these techiques are less than desirable and do not present your message in a professional manner.

Applications Employing Answering Machine Detection

DSC offers a wide range of outbound call applications that employ the use of answer machine detection. The following are a few of the specific applications offered by DSC:

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