App_Cepstral is a TTS application utilizing the Cepstral TTS Engine to produce text to speech without swaping to file for the actual audio.

Both versions for Asterisk 1.2 and 1.4 are available.

You can find the Asterisk 1.2.x version here
You can find the Asterisk 1.4.x version here
You can find the Asterisk 1.8.x+ version here
Note: the Asterisk 1.4 link is dead

The successor is the version 1.8 as a complete rewrite.

App_Cepstral v1.2 (c)2006 Anthony Minessale II <>
App_Cepstral v1.4 (c)2007 Anthony Minessale II <> & Brian Fertig <>
App_Cepstral v1.8 (c)2011 Jörg Bernau <>

Cepstral is not free. You must purchase a license, but you can use a free download as a demo.

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