Apstel Integration Server for Asterisk

An easy way to enhance your Asterisk dialplan

Integration Server (IS) is powerful application server that extends Asterisk dial plan functionality. It is specially designed to simplify access to the third party servers (e.g. database servers, email servers, payment servers etc.) directly from the Asterisk dial plan.

Now you can easily test and execute database SQL queries, send emails, process payments and do much more from your dialplan using Visual Dialplan and Integration Server.

Integration Server comes with Visual Dialplan building blocks that provide intuitive interface to easily access those third party servers and service, like execute SQL queries on a remote database server (MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, HSQL etc.), send emails, process payments (Authorize.net) and more, directly from within the dialplan. It also extends Visual Dialplan with fully featured SQL query editor, email template designer and payment editor.

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How does it work

Integration Server (IS) is standalone server application that communicates with Asterisk server through AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) and acts as an AGI server that completes AGI requests initiated from Asterisk dialplan. These AGI calls can be simple database queries (database IS module) or SMTP send email requests (email IS module), or other advanced functionalities depending on the modules loaded in the Integration Server.

Visual Dialplan deploys traditional extensions.conf code to the Asterisk server. In case the Integration Server functionality is required this code will contain AGI calls to Integration Server. At the same time, Visual Dialplan deploys resources to Integration Server required for those AGI calls.

When new call arrives at the Asterisk server the dialplan is executed and AGI request are sent to the IS. IS executes appropriate module (execute queries, send emails, etc.) and returns resulting value and control back to the Asterisk dialplan.

Free Download of Integration Server

Full functional free of charge Integration Server can be downloaded from our web site.
It is not the trial version, it is full functional software that comes with one free license for database module and one free license for email module. We do not charge for this.

Download Integration Server

Free Trial of Visual Dialplan

Full functional free of charge trial version of Visual Dialplan is available for the download.
Download Visual Dialplan

About Apstel

Apstel is focused on providing leading-edge tools and solutions for Asterisk® open source switch.

Our mission is to transform the way Asterisk® interacts with users, to easier Asterisk® usage and adoption by providing visual tools and solution for its management, and to help Asterisk® to penetrate the mass market and become a leading choice in the deployment of communications infrastructure.

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