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Aptus is a technology software development company that specializes in IP-Telephony. Our solutions include a wide range of telephony software that enable resellers and VARs to implement turnkey VoIP systems with enterprise-class features and deliver unified communications solutions. Our flagship product, FonB, is an award winning mobility solution for Asterisk, Elastix, FreePBX and many other platforms. FonB makes it really easy for you to access your Asterisk extensions and make and receive calls on the go, manage your contacts from multiple sources, such as Google Contacts, CRM contacts, Mobile phone contacts, Outlook (CSV) contacts. Accessing your extension from anywhere and getting the detailed call history has never been easier. Visit our website for the full feature list and make sure you watch our awesome videos to get all the details.
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  • Asterisk Contact Management Solutions
  • VoIP - CRM Integration
  • Asterisk Mobility
  • FreePBX Mobility
  • Elastix Mobility


Aptus FonB (Overview)

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The #1 Mobility Solution For Asterisk, Aptus FonB is a software product developed by Aptus Telecom to provide integrated contacts from Google Contacts, Highrise and Mobile Phone right on your office IP Phone. FonB makes it easier for a user to merge and sync contacts so that a unified phonebook is provided within the IP Phone.


Key Features:

Website http://www.aptus.com
Last Updated Feb 2015
Start your free trial http://aptus.com/download.html
Order your licenses here http://aptus.com/prices.html
Support Questions https://aptustel.zendesk.com/forums/22104108-Community-Help
Bug Reports https://aptustel.zendesk.com/forums/22300616-Report-a-Bug
Feature Requests https://aptustel.zendesk.com/forums/22104128-Feature-Requests
Documentation: Installation https://github.com/aptus/FonB-Documentation/tree/master/INSTALLATION
Documentation: Misc https://github.com/aptus/FonB-Documentation/tree/master/MISC
Documentation: IP Phone XML Apps https://github.com/aptus/FonB-Documentation/tree/master/XML-APP
Partnership Opportunities: please send your inquiries to mailto:alex@aptus.com

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