Aradial Hotspot Software

Aradial Hotspot Software

Aradial Radius Hotspot Edition, A special Hotspots/WISP version of our market-leading RADIUS/AAA server, that lets hotspots providers easily and profitably offer wireless Internet access to customers, while eliminating the overhead associated with customer provisioning, authorization and accounting.

Aradial HotSpot Server for wireless includes a RADIUS server that is particularly suited for the security and authentication requirements of wireless based network and easy connectivity module for an existing billing system that allows to update the billing system in real time on customers activities. Aradial allows reporting and easy export of usage to other systems.

Aradial has special features for Hotspots providers:
1. Configurable Portal for user access, showing the providers logos and links.
2. Web Self Care module to enable users self account administration.

Aradial supports all Access Points in the market using its strong dictionaries capabilities and configurable Portal.
Some of the supported Access Points: Nomadix, Proxim, Cisco Aironet, Mikrotik, Bluesocket, Colubris, Handlink, D-link and more.

Full integration with:
NoCAT and Chillispot.
EAP based authentication

Aradial Radius is compliant with the following RADIUS RFCs that relate to WiFi:

  • RFC 2284 - PPP Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
  • RFC 2548 - Microsoft Vendor-specific RADIUS Attributes
  • RFC 2869 - RADIUS Extensions

Advantages for hotspot providers include:
  • Broad appeal to operators because of ease of use.
  • Easy deployment and integration to network and billing systems.
  • One-time setup with virtually no administration.
  • Very secure solution.
  • Reliability and high-performance.
  • Configurable Portal and Self Care Module.
  • Easy connection to Access servers such as D-link, Cisco and others.
  • Easily handles both browser- and 802.1x-based access, ensuring compatibility with your environment today, and * as you move to meet the security requirements of customers who prefer to connect via 802.1x.
  • Complete time-based accounting of each customer's usage, ensuring that hotspots are fully compensated for the time each user spends on the network. Using RADIUS "Session Time-Out" attribute.
  • Complete traffic accounting of each customer's usage, ensuring that hotspots are fully compensated for the traffic each user spends on the network. Using VSA RADIUS attributes per Access Point.
  • Bandwidth management allowing to change/limit the bandwidth for users using VSA RADIUS attributes.
  • The option for hotspot operators to establish and administer their own user database, or use an existing database in their infrastructure.

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