Artrate is a quite small perl based real time rating engine for Asterisk. It tails the Master.csv log file and uses field data to perform some calculations and dump the end results (e.g.: final costs for calls) to a MySQL database. As far as the author's knowledge says, it should be suitable for Australian telephony networks only, but hopefully, with some modification, it'll work anywhere. Please do mind the format used in the data files (isocodes_numbers.txt, local_numbers.txt, local_prices.txt).

The project is raw, but usable at this point. The configuration files are pretty much self explanatory, and the code features lots of comments which are mostly helpful (:smile:)

Feedback helps, but improvements do a lot more. I'll commit the code to sourceforge or savannah in a few days, so more people can work on it.

Check the README file. This program won't run out of the box and guess every possible setting (maybe one day...)

(temporary direct download link)

Created by: julioody, Last modification: Thu 01 of Sep, 2005 (05:42 UTC)
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