The AstBoxLinux is linux port for Asterisk PBX boxes without problems with Asterisk or Zaptel updates as we know form The AstLinux "world". AstBoxLinux is common and small linux with full gcc and g++ compilers and kernel headers (and full kernel sources on 2GB+) for all embeded x86 platforms with CF, Flash disks or USB sticks.

AstBoxLinux have preinstalled (and fixed) easy web Asterisk admin with Asterisk's config files editor, sip and iax peer status view, channels status view, system status preview and web backup of Asterisk config files.

AstBoxLinux is based on Voyage Linux. AstBoxLinux have preinstalled "BriStuffed" Asterisk, Zaptel a Libpri and zaphfc. mISDN support and Hylafax with iaxmodem preinstaled and configured. AstBoxLinux is prepared for 2GB CF cards, Flash disks, USB sticks or can be used with common ATA/SATA HD's (it is not good idea - we have many failures on 1+ years old Asterisk PBX systems with common HD's).

You can use AstBoxLinux on the small "embeded" PC's or on the common PC's or PC servers with CF, Flash IDE disks, USB sticks, ATA or SATA HD.

AstBoxLinux tested on:

  • Vortex 86SX (Vortex86SX) CPU based mini PC's
  • AMD Geode CPU based boards (PC Engines's ALIX, etc.)
  • Via CPU based ITX boards
  • Intel CPU based ITX boards (INTEL D201GLYL Little Valley, INTEL D201GLY2 Little Valley 2 and new Atom based boards)
  • common PC's MB based on Intel/AMD (support for all common NICs and chipsets included)

For copy image to disk use:

Linux: dd or other tool for image2disk copy (for example #> dd if=disk.img of=/dev/hda)
Windows: any image tools, for example Selfimage,

Linux images download from unavailable 18th Feb 2010)

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