AstLinux Opt

20 January 2010
Astlinux has now reached version 0.7. These pages are therefore extremely out-of-date. Please refer to the official Astlinux site:

Don't use mkopt with Astlinux v0.4 or greater!
Additional soft is already on the root partition.

For Astlinux version <0.4

AstLinux Opt is a collection of optional software for AstLinux. It is software that is useful to an AstLinux system, but not crucial to any function of Asterisk or AstLinux. Currently, it includes the following software:

  • ipsec-tools
  • screen
  • bind 9
  • dig
  • ISC Dhcpd
  • sox
  • soxmix
  • LCDProc
  • openvpn
  • nano
  • ncftpput
  • openssl (the binary, the libraries are in AstLinux)
  • strace

You can get AstLinux Opt from an existing AstLinux install by running "mkopt".

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