AstLinux rc.conf

20 January 2010
Astlinux has now reached version 0.7. These pages are therefore extremely out-of-date. Please refer to the official Astlinux site:

/etc/rc.conf is the main configuration file for AstLinux. It has a very simple variable name = value format.
Basically, it is a shell script that is "sourced" by every other shell script in use on the system, whether it be the startup process, AstLinux scripts like "genkd" or third party scripts that have been modified. This is one of the more interesting (and sometimes confusing) aspects of AstLinux.

Therefore, the variables set in /etc/rc.conf are being used as input from quite a lot of other scripts. Those, who would like to change the basic setup or adapt the setup for special needs should look at these scripts first:

  • /etc/rc
    • main script for system startup; mounts drives/filesystems, modprobes and mounts basic system drivers (but NOT ISDN drivers), starts setup from keydisk, starts main application systems in /etc/runlevels/$ASTRLEVEL

  • /etc/rc.modules
    • configuration file of drivers which should be modprobed and loaded by /etc/rc

  • /etc/runlevels/$ASTRLEVEL/Snn
    • scripts which are being called by /etc/rc during startup in the order of their numbering, e.g. S00wanrouter to S99errorled; some of these scripts are reading their variables from /etc/rc.conf., e.g. S60asterisk starts mISDN with support of the ISDN card defined in /etc/rc.conf

  • /etc/runlevels/$ASTRLEVEL/Knn
    • scripts which are being called by /etc/rc during shutdown in the order of their numbering


Info on rc.local on 0.4.4

The default file contains the entry NTPSERV. If you want to put your preferred NTP server you need to enter it as an IP adddress rather than as a fqdn. It seems that the dns service is not running when this file is parsed. So you would edit the entry as follows:

exisiting entry add hash # NTPSERV=""
NTPSERV="your preferred NTP server IP"

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