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AstTapi is an Open Source Microsoft Windows Tapi Service Provider (driver). It acts as a bridge between the Asterisk Manager interface, and TAPI.
This allows you to dial contacts from within a TAPI compliant application such as Outlook and Act. Your Asterisk connected phone will ring, once you answer Asterisk will place a call and connect you to the previously dialed number.

AstTapi development

Has anybody been able to successfully compile AstTapi? I've installed Boost into the correct dirs (as per boost's docs and wiki), but I can't get it to compile. Using the .vcproj file(s) from cvs it seems to be looking for a boost/ dir, and boost/boost.vcproj, which don't exist. --Brian (brc)

See also

  • Asterisk TAPI with more detailed info on this implementation
  • SIPTAPI: A modified asttapi driver which uses SIP instead of the Asterisk Manager Interface.
  • Expect-a-call: Click-to-dial from within the Linux KDE address book

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