Asteria Solutions Group

Asteria Solutions Group provides services for planning, installing, configuring, customizing and supporting solutions built on Asterisk™. Combining telephony expertise with proven software development and project management enables us to offer our customers a single source for Asterisk™-based solutions.

We also provide commercial products that perform in conjunction with Asterisk™. We market software to enhance traditional business PBXs and solutions to enable inbound and outbound call centers.

We are headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. We offer flexible engagement models including hourly rates, fixed price bids, and annual maintenance contracts. Asteria has an extensive customer base throughout North America and we have also deployed solutions in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

Configurator is ASG™s tool for setting up and maintaining all aspects of an Asterisk™ PBX. This graphical user interface (gui) makes configuring users, extensions, devices, queues, ivrs, etc. simple.

Configurator creates and maintains the following components of an Asterisk PBX

  • Users (with the ability to Import LDAP/AD users)
  • Devices such as SIP, IAX2, Agent, or Local (also configures Zap Channels)
  • Extensions (also creates and edits time-based routing rules for DIDs)
  • Queues (also sets up permissions for supervisors of queues)
  • Call Groups
  • Contexts (for popping a website or other information to an agent based on an incoming call)
  • Conferencing (sets up conference bridges)
  • CDRs - Call Detail Records and Logs
  • IVRs - Create Graphical IVRs. No more manual editing. IVRs can be setup using a web browser (custom sounds can also be loaded and stored here)

Assist is Asteria's graphical based interface (gui) for Agents in a call center scenario. This call center software works in conjunction with your customer relationship management (CRM) product. Assist aids the Agent in monitoring their calls and the queues in which they are assigned. The Assist call center application provides Caller ID information as well as other information that may be associated with the caller from the CRM system. The ability to pop urls and provide queue and agent data makes this a valuable tool for the agent.

  • Allows Agents to view the queues in which they are assigned and the status of those queues
  • Receives calls from one or multiple call queues
  • Displays caller ID and other information assigned to the call
  • Pops assigned web page of CRM or other application based on individual call
  • Provides on-demand call recording
  • Allows Agents to pause call activity and specify a reason for the pause which assists in agent accountability
  • Flash-based platform independent application tested with Windows, Mac, and Linux

INsight is Asteria's call center queue management software system. It is a real-time, graphical interface (gui) which provides at-a-glance monitoring of agent and queue activity in a call center situation. Being a flash-based call center application that is compatible with any web browser (Internet Explorer IE, Mozilla Firefox, etc) makes it extremely portable.

  • Displays various call states or status for each agent in each queue, such as whether the agent is logged in, available, on a call, paused, or unreachable.
  • Shows real time statistical data in a graphical format on screen, such as how many calls are waiting in each queue, total lines in use, longest wait time in each queue, etc.
  • Allows administrators and/or supervisors to listen to or barge calls.
  • Barging effectively causes a conference call between the agent, customer and the administrator/manager. The "barge" feature is seamless and invisible to the agent and customer. They will hear nothing, then suddenly there is just another user in the call.
  • Enables administrators and/or supervisors to pause and unpause agents.

OmegaDial is an auto-dialer application designed for blast messaging, polling, and telemarketing needs. The OmegaDial autodialer may be used in conjunction with the Assist Call Center Agent interface to maximize the efficiency of Customer Service Representatives in call center environments.

  • Support for TDM, T1/E1, and VoIP.
  • Hundreds of concurrent dials (throughput dependent on servers and bandwidth).
  • Highly Customized Answering Machine Detection (AMD) for enhanced message playback capability.
  • Easy to use graphical IVR builder for campaigns requiring prompts and custom sounds.
  • Web interface for campaign setup, scheduling, uploading sound files, and number pools.
  • Campaign statistics including throughput, call duration, polling results.
  • When combined with Assist Call Center Agent interface, easy integration with web based customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

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