Asterisk T.38 Bounty

Bounty for SIP T.38 fax gateway support in Asterisk

I need to do as follows:

  • Ordinary fax machine connects to SIP/T.38 enabled ATA that calls Asterisk server (1)
  • Asterisk server (1) forwards the call to Asterisk server (2) on IAX2
  • Asterisk server (2) forwards the call to PSTN via Zap/te410p
  • Ordinary fax machine on PSTN receives or transmits fax to T.38 enabled SIP fax

Current Bounty amount: USD 11,250

myoung@netlogic.netUSD 1,000CVS HEAD OK
roar@iptelefoni.noUSD 1,000
khunt@huntbrothers.comUSD 500See Below
murias AT invictasoft.ptUSD 500
Mike Faulkner m.faulkner @ uniondatacom.netUSD 500
Ken WiesnerUSD 5,000From Asterisk-Dev
Terry WilsonUSD 250From Asterisk-Dev
marek.cervenka at ipex.czUSD 1000SVN Trunk OK
Telappliant USD 1000
steve @ isisdev . comUSD 500

I rise a bounty of USD 1000,- to the one that can do this
Bounty is paid out when solution is tested on our servers, running Asterisk Stable (Currently
A solution built for SVN TRUNK may also suffice for the bounty to be paid

The T.38 gateway and endpoint functionality is now in CallWeaver 1.2 (former OpenPBX), so we're cancelling our part of the bounty

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk

Addition: I will also pay $1000.00 US for this solution, bringing the bounty to $2,000.00 USD. Same parameters as Mr. Karlsbakk.
Anyone else want to add to this?

Michael Young

Addition: I will add 1000$ to the bounty, bringing the total to 3000$ USD. Condition: To be completed by March 20th. I do not care whether it works with 1.0.3 - it can be -current.
(Bounty now expired)
Alex Pilosov/Pilosoft/

Addition: We will also pay $1000.00 US for this solution, bringing the bounty to $3,000.00 USD. Same parameters as Mr. Karlsbakk.
Roar Lorentzen
IP-Telefoni as

Addition : We will pay $ 500.00 US for this solution (total of $3,500), but the ATA part doesn't have to exist as I've not found an ATA that really supports T.38. If the solution allows me to plug a fax machine into an fxs port on one asterisk server (at a client's location) and I can, over IP, send the fax to my core asterisk server and have it send that fax out of it's PRI card to a regular fax machine, then I would consider the bounty payable.
W. Kevin Hunt

I'm interested in attempting this; I will need to find such a device first, but for the time being, a set of ethereal traces will do quite well :) (I've been looking for an ATA that does T.38 for yonks so I can have a go at writing something like this, guys above me reckoning it takes to much time... bah!)



Addiiton: We will pay $500.00 US bringing the bounty to $5000.
We require that this solution works well with Quintum's Tenor CMS. Our goal is to use the Asterisk server as a Fax2E-mail gateway.

Addition: I will also pay $500.00 US for this solution. Same parameters as Mr. Karlsbakk.
steve at isisdev dot com

Filipe Múrias
murias AT


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