Asterisk cmd AddQueueMember


Dynamically adds queue members


AddQueueMember(queuename[|interface[|penalty]]): (1.0)
AddQueueMember(queuename[|interface[|penalty[|options]]]): (1.2)
AddQueueMember(queuename[|interface[|penalty[|options[|membername]]]]): (1.4)
AddQueueMember(queuename[,interface[,penalty[,options[,membername[,stateinterface]]]]])): (1.6+)

Dynamically adds interface to an existing queue (i.e. the interface "logs on" to the queue, as an agent does with AgentCallbackLogin).


  • queuename - The name of the queue to add a member to
  • interface - The interface to add to the queue, if not specified, uses the current interface
  • penalty - Integer greater than or equal to 0, available members with lower penalties will get calls first
  • options: (1.2+)
    • j - If the interface is already in the queue and there exists an n+101 priority then it will then jump to this priority. Otherwise it will return an error. (Default with 1.0, 1.2/1.4, 1.6+)
    • In 1.6+ there are no options as j was removed, but if subsequent parameters are to be passed, options must be specified as an empty parameter, i.e. ,,
  • membername - (1.4+) A specific member name to be added. This is simply a text label to allow easy identification of a queue member from either the queue_log file or AMI events.
  • stateinterface - (1.6+) An alternate interface to be used to determine the state of the member

Notice: Since Asterisk 1.4, AddQueueMember does produce queue_log output (by default located in /var/log/asterisk). Previous to this AddQueueMember action did not produce any output to queue_log. A patch to solve this issue on Asterisk pre 1.4 can be found here -

You can also refer to A more comprehensive solution, tested with the QueueMetrics log ananlyzer, is presented at
Also see this patch that adds a new QueLog command

Return codes

Returns -1 if there is an error.

Once run, this also sets a variable of AQMSTATUS which is set to one of the following: (1.0, 1.2+)



Using just AddQueueMember(<queuename>) will add the caller device to the members.
- <queuename> is the name of the queue in queues.conf

See also

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