Asterisk cmd Vxml



Execute a VoiceXML document over Asterisk (Based on the VXI* VoiceXML browser). This asterisk application is renamed voximal since version 14. The application use Asterisk internal API (Prompt / DTMF / Record) and installed applications.



Features :

- Audio (play and record gsm, wav, WAV files)
- Video (play and record h263, mp4, 3gp files)
- DTMF (bargein support)
- Transfer (use Dial/Transfer applications and to exchange with Asterisk function/variables too)
- Text To Speech (most TTS supported with HTTP connector, and Festival/Flite and unimrcp applications)
- Automatic Speech Recognition (Nuance, Lunenvox, Verbio, Vtech, VoiceInteraction, Vestec, use Asterisk Speech API or unimrcp )
- Accounts for hosting (ranges, url, stats, max limitations)


- Installation guide

Configuration files

- vxml.conf
- Asterisk config vxmld.conf


If the variable VXML_URL(or VXML_URL2) has been set when vxml is run, the value of that variable will be used as the URL if not parameter is set to the application.
If the variable VXML_ID has been set when vxml is run, the VoiceXML session ID variable called “” is set with this value (in the VoiceXML execution session context).
If the variable VXML_PARAM has been set when vxml is run, the value of that variable will be used as “telephone.param” (in the VoiceXML execution session context.

After execution, the VoiceXML result passed with the <exit> tag and the property ‘expr’ is accessible with the variable VXML_RESULT.

Asterisk Dialplan example

exten => s,1,Answer
exten => s,n,Wait(1)
exten => s,n,Vxml(
exten => s,n,Hangup

VoiceXML syntax

CLI commands

- vxml show version
- vxml show license
- vxml show configuration
- vxml show statistics

Return codes

Always returns 0.

See also

Asterisk | Configuration | The Dialplan - extensions.conf | Dialplan Commands

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