Asterisk AppleScripts

Sunrise Telephone Systems released a small collection of AppleScript scripts for basic control of Asterisk on MacOS X. The collection is released as open source under the General Public License (GPL) Version 2.


The collection comes as a zip archive which can be downloaded here

The scripts

All scripts are provided both as editable .scpt source files and as compiled script apps:
  • Start Asterisk - clickable script app that starts Asterisk
  • Stop Asterisk - clickable script app that stops Asterisk
  • Asterisk Reload - clickable script app that tells Asterisk to reload its configuration
  • Show Asterisk Version - clickable script app that opens a dialog box with the version info of the Asterisk server installed

Future scripts

  • Remove Asterisk - clickable script app that will archive /etc/asterisk and /var/log/asterisk, then remove the Asterisk installation

Mac users in the Asterisk community are invited to add more scripts to this collection.

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