Asterisk Assistants Verbose Logging

If you find a bug in any of the Asterisk Assistants, you can help fixing it by sending a bug report with a console log of the session in which the error occurred. Here is how to enable verbose logging and obtain a console log.

Enable Verbose Logging

By default verbose logging is turned off. Using you can create a temporary flag file in order to turn verbose logging on:

  • New Extension Assistant
{CODE()} touch /tmp/.NEAVerboseLogging{CODE}
  • FWD Assistant
{CODE()} touch /tmp/.FWDAVerboseLogging{CODE}
NB: The flag files are empty files and the /tmp directory is cleaned out every time you restart your Mac. However, you may remove the flag file manually after you have captured the log.

Capturing the Log

  • Open the application (located in /Applications/Utilites)
  • Click on the "Logs" icon in the toolbar
  • Select "console.log"
  • Click on "Mark" to insert a time stamped marker
  • Open the Assistant and try to replicate the error
  • Select the contents of the log window from the marker to the end
  • Choose "Save selection as ..." in the File menu to save the log extract
  • Send the log extract as plain text by email to benjamin (at) sunrise-tel (dot) com
NB: You may want to edit this file and remove anything that is not related to the Assistant before sending it.

To see an example log click here

Thank you for your feedback.

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