Asterisk Assistants for MacOSX

Asterisk Setup Assistants for MacOSX

Sunrise Telephone Systems Ltd is developing a variety of Cocoa based GUI tools for configuration and management of Asterisk on MacOSX. Part of this effort is a suite of Assistants ("Wizards" in Wintel lingo) to get new users started with Asterisk on MacOSX. The Asterisk Assistants follow the format of Apple's Setup Assistants, they focus on simplicity rather than flexibility. The assistants thus address the needs of newcomers and occassional Asterisk users, not those of Asterisk gurus.

The assistants are being released as open source under the General Public License (GPL) and are intended to become part of the main Asterisk distribution. Cocoa developers who wish to join in, please email us at: benjamin (at) sunrisetel (dot) net.

The initial suite of assitants is comprised of

New Extension Assistant

The New Extension Assistant guides you through adding new telephones and extensions to your Asterisk configuration.
Release 1.0 available

FWD Assistant

The FWD Assistant guides you through adding one or more Free World Dialup accounts to your Asterisk configuration.
Release 1.01 available. Bugfix release 1.01 now available. Details

Voicepulse Assistant

The Voicepulse Assistant guides you through adding one or more Voicepulse Connect accounts to your Asterisk configuration
Pre-release pending, screenshot previews available

For configuration examples with illustrations see the Guide to Getting Started with Asterisk on MacOSX

Future Assistants and Custom Versions

Service providers and vendors who would like to see assistants to add configurations for their services or devices (ie FXO gateways) please contact Sunrise Telephone Systems Ltd by email: enquiries (at) sunrisetel (dot) net, or by phone: US PSTN (408) 350-2438 or VoIP FWD # 36505. We can create GPLed custom assistants free of charge to vendors who provide a free sample of the device. Non-GPLed versions with the vendor's logo are available against payment of a license fee.

Removal Assistant

There will be an assistant to remove extensions and accounts added by the other assistants.

ENUM E164 Assistant

There will be an assistant to configure ENUM for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Sipura-3000 Assistant

if you are interested in a setup assistant to configure Asterisk to talk to a Sipura-3000 to use a PSTN phone line see this Wiki

How you can contribute

Provide feedback on pre-release versions

Pre-release versions are meant for finding bugs before the first official release. If you wish to report a bug, please obtain a console log and send it by email to benjamin (at) sunrise-tel (dot) com, also stating the OS version. Thank you.

Help with translations into other languages

We still need help with some translations for localisation of some Assistants. If you are a native level speaker of any of the languages listed below and you would like to help with translations of the dialogs you see in the screenshots on the respective assistant's page, please contact us: benjamin (at) sunrise-tel (dot) com. Note: you do not require any programming expertise nor do you need to edit any source code to do this.
  • Chinese (both simplified and traditional)
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Application specific help

We would like to include application specific help in MacOSX Help Viewer format. If you have any experience in generating help files for use with the MacOSX Help Viewer and you would like to contribute the help for this assistant, please contact us: benjamin (at) sunrise-tel (dot) com.

Your contributions are very much appreciated.


Thanks to Dennis Klein ( for providing the customised application icon.

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