Asterisk Bluetooth channels

chan_mobile (used to be chan_cellphone) — Use Bluetooth cell / mobile phones as FXO devices

Asterisk Channel Driver to allow Bluetooth Cell/Mobile Phones to be used as FXO devices and Bluetooth Headsets as FXS devices
The official Homepage is chan_mobile will be included in next Asterisk addons version (1.6?), it is now just in the development branch.

See chan_mobile

chan_bluetooth — Bluetooth Connectivity to Asterisk 1.2

chan_bluetooth is available from (2005-11-20)
This provides integration with asterisk and both mobile/cell phones and headsets that are bluetooth enabled.

Successful user report (Jan 2006)
instructions for setup (Asterisk@Home 2.2)
Forum post with patch for Asterisk 1.4 (2006-10-05)

Another bluetooth project based on chan_bluetooth (Not available)

chan_btp — Bluetooth Presence

chan_btp detects (with help of various btpd instances) where *any* (not only Headset/mobile) Bluetooth Device is located and reports the Position back to chan_btp. This Information can be used to forward calls to any phone near to the position of a human.

chan_btp does *NOT* provide call functionality.

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