Asterisk Bonjour Support

Asterisk Bonjour Support res_bonjour


Adds support for Apple's service discovery API Bonjour (formely known as Rendezvous. aka Zeroconf] to the Asterisk PBX.

Programmers can use Bonjour in their applications to discover Asterisk PBXs in the network automatically.
The user doesn't need to know anything about the available Asterisk PBXs in the network. (hence the name Zeroconf, tata!).

The configuration lives in bonjour.conf.

Download res_bonjour.
For Linux/Win you need the Apple Bonjour SDK. (you need a freely available Apple ID to download.)

Version information

res_bonjour is not included in Asterisk releases or CVS, it's a third party application.

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