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Bounty: Email Text-To-Speech (listen to your email from inside the voicemail menu)

  • maintainer: Sjobeck
  • opening date: 2005july19
  • status: open
  • total value: $150 (& expected to grow fast)
  • contributors: sjobeck ($50), Mchapman ($100), ?, ?, ?, ?


This is the initial page creation, and this will b edited by me & others hopefully a lot more times in the coming days & weeks.

What we are essentially talking about here (no pun intended) is the ability to call in to the PBX voicemail menu, like always, but have another option there to listen to email. Perhaps there could be a "listen to all email" or a "listen to new email" choice. IMAP would have the ability to know which email were new. IMAP would also have the ability to toggle that message as "heard"/read or not, or mark it "new"/unread, when you were done listening to it, but this advanced marking of messages could be left til later.

There is no timelime for this bounty whatsoever. Just sometime in this lightyear. It is understood that this is no trivial task & would involve the synthesis of a handful of technologies & softwares in to one complex lump of functionality.

Please edit this page if you have something intelligent to add. If youre not sure, please post a comment at the bottom of the page, and (since I monitor the page), will be notified, will see it, and add the gist of the comment to the page.

Peace. Love. Linux.

I will be posting this URL to the lists today. I will try to get some more money out of those here and add to the very humble starting bounty I have posted. Please lobby the powers that be at your organization for a contribution, especially from the executives, who would most likey love this one.

This site no longer exists! FYI This already exists:
And here for MS Exchange - very slick sample if you want to examine it. Based in large on FOSS tech from what I could discern.
Note: having examined this, it appears adomo is providing the opposite: get your voice mail delivered to your email inbox.
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