Asterisk Bounty H324M 3G Video support


  • Marcel Manz (SIMM-Comm, TrueSenses USD 5000 - USD 10000


Step 1
Ability to
- receive H324M 3G Video Calls through libpri (Digium PRI cards)
- play encoded H324M content to a wide variety of handsets (please name available software encoders)
- basic dtmf detection must work in order to present a video portal to the caller

Step 1 - USD 5000

Step 2
Assuming Step 1 completed, ability to
- record 3G video calls
- bridge 3G video calls
- distribute one to many

Step 2 - USD 2500

Step 3
Assuming Step 1 and 2 completed, ability to
- convert/bridge H324M video calls to video softphones

Step 3 - USD 2500

More info

Step 1 must be completed by end of February 2007. If later, please contact us first.

Implementation will be tested on EuroISDN (Swisscom Switzerland).
Hardware H324M <-> SIP/H323 gateways such as Dylogic work w/o any issues.

Please e-mail for getting this done.


Asterisk bounty
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