Asterisk Bounty IAX2

I need two patches developed as quickly as possible for chan_iax2.c that will:

1) Modify the behaviour of the [general] level 'bindaddr=' parameter in iax.conf such that if none of the ip addresses specified exist and are running on the host machine will cowardly refuse to load, rather than the current behaviour of falling back to listening on IN_ADDR_ANY. If the address exists but is not running should still refuse to load. This is to only affect the behaviour of the initial loading process as does not currently implement the neccessary 'reload' code to allow reconfiguring of listenting sockets while running. This is to be submitted to Mantis as a 'tweak'.

updated 15:53PST - Changed reference to 'bindinterface=' to correctly refer to the 'bindaddr=' directive. Duh.

2) Implement a new 'sourceaddress=' directive at the peer configuration level in iax.conf that controls the _originating_ address of all UDP packets emitted by for transmission to that peer (ie. either trunked or untrunked IAX traffic). At load time the sourceaddress _must_ be verified against the list of addresses actually attached to the machine and, if a non-local address is specified, a WARNING be logged and the sourceaddress revert to the default behaviour (ie. kernel-selected origination). If a locally configured but non-running address is specified it should be accepted. If the configured sourceaddress for a peer should stop running during operation (such as by an interface going down) or be non-running at the time the peer configuration is loaded, the peer should be considered UNREACHABLE and a 'sourceaddress unavailable' WARNING message logged each time a new call or trunk is attempted to that peer, until the sourceaddress returns to service again (ie. is running), when a NOTICE message shall be logged indicicating the return to service. This is to be submitted to Mantis as a 'new feature'.

My contribution to the bounty for these items is currently set at:
1) Bounty withdrawn 7 feb 2006 - was originally posted at us$30
2) Coded my mikma and accepted as bug #4257, 11 jul 2005 - bounty was paid at us$100

Each bounty will become payable to the submittor of record of the Mantis bugreport upon incorporation of the patch into cvs-head by the maintainers. Method of payment to be determined at that time. The successful submittor will be required to submit an invoice for my portion of the final bounty on these items, as shown above, by fax, email or snail mail, payment upon receipt.

If you intend to take up the challenge on either of these issues, please indicate your interest below for the benefit of others who may also be considering taking on the job. Any questions:

Created by: kb1_kanobe, Last modification: Wed 08 of Feb, 2006 (06:41 UTC)
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