Asterisk Bounty Outlook Integration


  • Darren Wright: $2000 USD
  • Jason Sjobeck: 25USD ... I know ... I know ... paltry ... but I need to get some more buy-in then I'll up it.
  • Chris Blackburn: $500 USD
  • your name here $0
  • your name here $0
  • your name here $0

Feature List

  • highlight telephone number, right-click, dial (perhaps via softphone)
  • see missed calls in inbox
  • see # of voicemails waiting
  • starting & stopping call recording
  • starting Outlook disables DND
  • screen-pops of incoming calls pulls-up card from CONTACTS
  • pick up and hang up buttons on screen
  • forward call to other extension (see who is available)
  • allow call rerouting (for example when out of office but connected and you want it to ring at your mobile/softphone)
  • enable/disable DND based on calendar (separate settings for vacation, meeting, etc)
  • ... what else am I missing?


  • developer to briefly contact folks offering bounty before commencing
  • if this involves changes to Asterisk, code properly disclaimed and accepted in to CVS
  • code well documented, many many notes
  • do not yet know how to handle authentication issues, please suggest
  • considers scalability as more & more users hit manager interface, for instance, if we use manager interface, performance hit will result
  • designed to be as "open" as possible so more features can be added later
  • will be delivered in form of a DLL which sits on client's laptop & very easily installs as DLL add-in in to Outlook
  • users of CCM, BCM, AltiGen, TeleVantage, ShoreTel, etc are asked & encouraged to post features/functionalities that those systems use
  • this bounty focuses on Outlook integration. Voicemail synchronization is a seperate issue.
  • ... what else am I missing?

More info

  • Please contact Jason Sjobeck for more.
  • Please post as many notes as possible here.
  • This is going to be a huge feature!
  • This is a giant killer ... a dragon slayer.

Most of this has been implemented in Snap. If there is a specific Outlook feature you need, please try Snap and let us know, chances are good that we will work with you and implement them.
  • Note: Snap is not open source



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