Asterisk Bounty SIP encryption

Encryption for SIP payloads using SRTP. Libsrtp seems like an obvious starting point, but any implementation can be used.
the bounty will be split in several parts:

1) $100 for an asterisk -> asterisk SRTP implementation. The code does not have to cover all SRTP features: simply securing SIP payloads between two hosts with the same administrator is sufficient. On the other hand, the code must be written with future inter-operability and non asterisk peers in mind. Minimal re-writes should be required for adding proprietary key distribution, SRTCP, &etc.

2) $120 for an SRTP implementation that interoperates with an ATA that can be bought for less than $100 US. Sipura preferred. This should allow the ATA to initiate or receive encrypted payload from the asterisk server.

3) $150: Encrypted SIP signalling channel (TLS) between two asterisk machines . As above, code MUST be designed for future interoperability. needs to encrypt signallng for a full SIP session between hosts with the same administrator/shared trust.

4) Encrypted SIP signalling channel between Asterisk and cheap ATAs. $30

5) ISDN Encrypted calls with ZRTP/S protocol (ZRTP for non-voip telephony technologies) . $1500

Code should be disclaimed for inclusion to CVS.

Completion is defined as having set of documentation & patches that one can use to successfully install the software & create a call between two servers.

Date this was started: 29/03/05

Status of the bounty: Open

Payment will be via paypal. contact nameless somewhere near

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