Asterisk Bounty VoiceMail-n-Email Synchronization


  • Jason Sjobeck: 25USD ... I know ... I know ... paltry ... but I need to get some more buy-in then I'll up it.
  • Dan Levine (dan at cytexone dot com): $500 (If this fully integrates with Exchange Server or can provide integration with Exchange)
  • Magnus (magnus at mcomwifi dot net): $250
  • Dean Collins (dean at collins dot net dot pr): $US50
  • MichaelRichardson (mcr at 100
  • Zia Communications ( $250
  • Anderson Marcelo (andmar at click21 dot com dot br): $350
  • Anthony Rodgers (District of North Vancouver - - $1500, subject to these conditions
Solution must be production-stable
Solution must provide two-way synchronization with MS Exchange
Solution must not require significant configuration changes to MS Exchange
Solution must be ready for production deployment by March 17, 2006
  • your name here


  • developer to briefly contact folks offering bounty before commencing
  • to be properly disclaimed and accepted in to CVS
  • code well documented, many many notes
  • uses IMAP4 protocol
  • designed to be as universal as possible so works with as many IMAP4 daemons as possible
  • Thou shall not require any brain cells on the part of the end-user
  • Thou shall not require any settings to be set on the users equipment
  • inserts a header in to its generated emails as follows: "X-Asterisk-VoiceMail-ID=################" (ie: random & unique 16 character string)
  • deletion of an email within Asterisk then interoperates with IMAP to find & delete same vm-ID-# from user's inbox folder
  • deletion of an email from user's inbox interoperates with Asterisk to delete voicemail message from Astersisk
  • avoid working on user's other folders other than INBOX
  • see note on Asterisk RealTime Voicemail about this same theory
  • users of CCM, BCM, AltiGen, TeleVantage, ShoreTel, etc are asked & encouraged to post features/functionalities that those systems use
  • perhaps fork this item if other Exchange Server and or Outlook functionalities are desired by others. Concentrating only on voicemail synch' here for now.
  • do not yet know how to handle authentication issues, please suggest
  • ... what else am I missing?

More info

  • Please contact Jason Sjobeck for more.
  • Please post as many notes here as possible.
  • This is going to be a huge feature!
  • This is a killer feature.
  • This clubs other major brands in the knees like that skater's boyfriend did.

Lessor requirement

MichaelRichardson: I don't care about IMAP servers. I can see why some people do, but the major bonus of having VM emailed to me is that I can listen to it when not connected. (i.e. on airplane). I would settle for a way to "reply" to the voice mail with one of three commands: "delete", "refile", and "forward XXXX". (Yes, I could forward the email instead, but I might want to waste that much GPRS bandwidth). Since I think this does half of the job of the above, I think it's a good first step.



One another alternative is to use the voicemailcontrol script found on This allows you to reply to any voicemail notification email from the asterisk server, which will cause the asterisk server to delete the associated message files. This script is simple and failsafe (it will not delete a message file unless it confirms a unique match).

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