Asterisk Bounty wcusb driver support for CuPhone USB to RJ11 adaptor based on the TigerJet TJ560B chip

The CuPhone USB to RJ11 adaptor is based off the same TigerJet TJ560B chip as the Digium S100U device. It is a single port FXS interface. I would like to be able to use this device as a timing source instead of ztdummy on a Apple XServe G5 system running Yellow Dog Linux.

I was able to get the wcusb module to load by changing the product ID from 831c to c31c. The vendor code is still the same.

Datasheets for the chip are available on Tiger Jet's website

It seems others have tried to do the same

Here is another try


Tiger Jet

Jason Garland
(email is < (first initial) (lastname) @ zentality com>)
Created by: jgarland79, Last modification: Fri 26 of Aug, 2005 (16:27 UTC)
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