Asterisk CAPI Global Call Number in Austria

What is Global Call

The global call number in Austrian ISDN is the main number of an Point-to-MultiPoint (PTMP) ISDN line.

Calling this number gets signaled to the connected phones and devices as an empty MSN. So the main number of the line is not just another MSN, it's handled different.

Global Call and Capi

If for the parameter incomingmsn in capi.conf MSNs are named explicitly instead of * (for all MSNs), getting calls through for the main number needs the following:

  • explicitly name "s" as one incomingmsn in capi.conf
  • in extesions.conf in the context for the capi controller, use the s-extension instead of the global call number as extension number.

Tested with asterisk from bristuff, chan_capi and an avm fritz card usb 2.1.
Created by: wickie, Last modification: Fri 24 of Jun, 2005 (21:29 UTC)
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