Asterisk CLI prompt

Changing the CLI Prompt

The CLI prompt is set with the ASTERISK_PROMPT UNIX environment variable that
you set from the Unix shell before starting the Asterisk CLI (not the server).

You may include the following variables, that will be replaced by
the current value by Asterisk:

%d Date (year-month-date)
%s Asterisk system name (from asterisk.conf)
%h Full hostname
%H Short hostname
%t Time
%% Percent sign
%# '#' if Asterisk is run in console mode, '>' if running as remote console
%Cn[;n] Change terminal foreground (and optional background) color to specified
A full list of colors may be found in include/asterisk/term.h

On Linux systems, you may also use
%l1 Load average over past minute
%l2 Load average over past 5 minutes
%l3 Load average over past 15 minutes
%l4 Process fraction (processes running / total processes)
%l5 The most recently allocated pid

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