Asterisk CTI Open Source

CTI for Asterisk I have seen a few and they are all commercial. For this reason I have decided to initiate a project to develop a client-server solution that meets a series of requirements CTI base.

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The software is ALPHA. Use it at your own risk!

The features of this system are as follows:

CTI Server

  • Platform development:. Net 2.0 / Mono on GNU/Linux
  • Integration with the Asterisk Manager Interface (single connection)
  • Multithread engine for the management of numerous CTI clients
  • Configuration Files to manage operating parameters
  • Mudulable Log File

CTI Client

  • Platform development:. Net 2.0 for Windows
  • Authentication on CTI Server
  • Attractive and user-friendly GUI
  • Ability to manage the display Caller ID / Caller ID Name
  • Ability to originate callson different Outbound contextes
  • Advanced Configuration Interface
  • Ability to manage different telephone campaigns through the takeover of the “context”
  • Ability to launch diversified applications for telephone campaign
  • Each application can be parameterized. Different variables are supported for expansion, including a special variable “calldata” to transfer information from dialplan of CTI asterisk to Client

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