Asterisk Call Billing System and Hotel Management System


Compatible with any Asterisk PBX. The call detail record (CDR) format can be re-programmed after installation to matches the particular CDR format which your Asterisk PBX is sending out.

Supports any call charge scheme and multiple call charge schemes (one per each telephone service provider). Service charge including surcharge and flat charge can be based on calling party or called party.

Supports scheduled call charge rate, which will be applied at given point of time.

Supports multiple currencies and automatically exchange the currency if needed.

Supports billing for not only normal Outgoing calls, but also the calls made by using Prepaid Card and Incoming calls.

Exports/imports interface for CDR, Billing connector for other application to retrieve telephone charge information for other purpose (fore example, your own accounting system can online retrieve telephone charge from the billing connector).

Bills for Hotels. Support Hotel functions via RoomRack (Room is row, Date is column). Check-in/Check-out/Change-room can be done very easy by using the mouse to select the cells on RoomRack. Only one bill for guest including the room sub-bill, telephone sub-bill and other kind of service sub-bill.

The layout of telephone bill can be customized in many different ways.

Support networking - you can online monitor the call charge or make the telephone bill from any PC over your network.

Detail User Manual and Sale Brochure in English and Vietnamese.

Online context-sensitive help, document in detail.

High availability, safety. The CDR received from Pbx will be saved to text-based log file first, then be processed. The processed CDRs and other information is stored in database (Ms Access, Ms SQL Server or MySQL).

Support Unicode. You can redefine your local language for caption/text on form and on the telephone bill. For example, you can have the telephone bill using your own language.

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