Asterisk Call Manager for Windows

by Alex Argov Tikalnetworks

Crystal Manager Ver 3.3.5

CrystalManager is a call manager and a personal monitoring tool for Asterisk PBX.

  1. Extensions status (BLF)
  2. Extensions Grouping
  3. Call Pickup
  4. Call Transfer
  5. Conference Call
  6. Double-Click to Call
  7. Instant Messaging - Chat
  8. Manage your Contacts
  9. Import Contacts from Outlook
  10. Call History
  11. Voice Mail Messages
  12. Call Recording
  13. Search Contacts/ Members
  14. Call forward
  15. CRM Integration
  16. Put your own company banner.
To use CrystalManager you must first install the CrystalManager Server.

Notice that this is a free evaluation version which supports up to 7 members and contains a commercial banner.


by Steven Sokol
version 0.0.1 alpha

(note: the links here are all broken and this software does not appear to exist. If you are the author please update this page. - March 6, 2007)

If anybody is interested, I have an early version of my Call Manager for Windows application integrated with Asterisk. CMW is an application bar (like the task-bar) that docks to the top of your desktop window. It provides the following functions:

  1. View Call-Related Information (Caller ID, Call State, Call Direction)
  2. Monitor Status of Asterisk Stations (Channels) — BLF or "Busy Lamp Field"
  3. Place outbound calls.
  4. Record (monitor), transfer, or drop connected, active calls.
  5. Speed-dial "inside" and "outside" numbers.
  6. Remote access to Asterisk CLI functions (show channels, reload, etc.)
  7. AstManager COM component (can be used to add Ast functionality to other apps).

It's written in VB6. The only thing required beyond the integral VB6 controls is the Windows Scripting Runtime which most PCs should have. I will work on an installable version soon. I may also port it to something more cross-platform. Please bear with me as I am just learning Gnome/GTK/X-windows.

Here's the structure for the monitor.conf file:

[1101] Extension Number (from extensions.conf in Asterisk)
UserName=Blah Blah Label. Simply sets the caption for the button.
Technology=SIP Technology used for stations (SIP, MGCP, Zap, etc.)
DeviceID=1101 Device identifier (from sip.conf in this case)

All of the Technology values are normal asterisk values except for APP, which is an application (like Voicemail or MOH or MeetMe) and PSTN, which is a number outside of the Asterisk inside dial plan.

I hope this helps. Remember that for PSTN and APP values, the bracketed Extension number and the DeviceID need to be the same.

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