Asterisk Cisco ATA 186 Emulation

Asterisk Emulation of Cisco ATA 186


You're using Asterisk to originate calls to a service (such as 3Tone by L3) which expects to be speaking directly with one or more SIP-based ATA186 adapters.

If the service you're integrating with is any similar, it most likely expects phones to register with user/pass of their DID (ie: 2155551212:2155551212).

The adapters also utilize a registration code and PIN for authentication, which i s
sent independently of the phone number .

The Solution:

Register each extension as follows:

register => 2155551212:PPPP:RRRR@PROVIDER_GW/2155551212
register => 2155551213:PPPP:RRRR@PROVIDER_GW/2155551213
register => 2155551214:PPPP:RRRR@PROVIDER_GW/2155551214

Replace 'RRRR' with the Registration PIN and 'PPPP' with the Registration code. If you're having problems with your reg code and PIN, try swapping the two in your registration.

If this works, you should see something like this:

marksterowns*CLI> sip show registry
sip show registry
Host Username Refresh State 2155551212 105 Registered 2155551213 105 Registered 2155551214 105 Registered

.. More to come ..

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