Asterisk Cmd Voximal



Execute a VoiceXML document over Asterisk (Based on the Voximal VoiceXML browser).
The application use Asterisk internal API (Prompt / DTMF / Record) and installed applications.
It replaces the old Vxml application.
Voximal have been developped by Ulex Innovative Systems


Voximal(url|account reference)

Features :

- Audio (play and record gsm, wav, WAV files)
- Video (play and record h263, mp4, 3gp files)
- DTMF (bargein support)
- Transfer (use Dial/Transfer applications and to exchange with Asterisk function/variables too)
- Text To Speech (most TTS supported with HTTP connector, and Festival/Flite and unimrcp applications, Cloud TTS (voxygen, cereproc, microsoft...) )
- Automatic Speech Recognition (Nuance, Lunenvox, Verbio, Vtech, VoiceInteraction, Vestec, use Asterisk Speech API or unimrcp )
- Speech To Text (Google Voice, Bing microsoft...)
- Accounts for hosting (ranges, url, stats, max limitations)


- Web site
- Installation guide
- Developer guide

Configuration files

- voximal.conf

After execution, the VoiceXML result passed with the <exit> tag and the property ‘expr’ is accessible with the variable VOXIMAL_RESULT, the value can be configured to set the CDR userfield too.

Asterisk Dialplan example

exten => s,1,Answer
exten => s,n,Wait(1)
exten => s,n,Voximal(
exten => s,n,Hangup

VoiceXML syntax

CLI commands

- voximal show version
- voximal show license
- voximal show configuration
- voximal show statistics

Return codes

Always returns 0.

See also

Asterisk | Configuration | The Dialplan - extensions.conf | Dialplan Commands

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