Asterisk Configuration and Management Interface

ACaMI is a module-based framework written in PHP to administrate your Asterisk PBX through a web browser. Currently under development, but planning to release soon with complete rewritten dialplan (optimized for European users with focus on ISDN).

Current features:

  1. Add or change extension and voicemail accounts in seconds
  2. Supports SIP, IAX, and ZAP clients
  3. Supports all Asterisk supported trunk technologies
  4. Reduce long distance costs with LCR (using LCR routing from
  5. Route incoming calls based on time-of-day
  6. Manage callers with Queues
  7. Upload custom on-hold music (MOH)
  8. Detect and receive incoming faxes
  9. Device provisioning (currently only Snom - others will follow soon)
  10. View extension and trunk status with Flash Operator Panel

These features will follow soon:

  1. System Recordings Wizard
  2. IVR Menu wizard
  3. User administration module to add, modify, delete users
  4. ACL Support for the GUI to share administrative duties
  5. Support for SQLite
  6. modified MusicOnHold Module so that we can handle different MOH-classes
  7. modified DIDs Module so that we can add timechecks for each DID and do not need the global ones any longer
  8. more Device types for Autoprovisioning (i.e. Thomson, Polycom, Sipura, Cisco etc.)
  9. more Trunk types (i.e. CAPI, mISDN, vISDN etc.)
  10. modified Extensions Add Wizard that uses group templates
  11. modified Devices Add Wizard that uses group templates
  12. a module to upload and manage snom firmware for different phones

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