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Asterisk Consultant

Asterisk Services offers Custom Asterisk Development, Professional Asterisk Support, Asterisk PBX System, Asterisk Business Solutions, Asterisk PBX Solutions, Asterisk Business Solutions India, Asterisk VOIP, and Asterisk Software Solutions, Fax over IP, IP PBX, Office phone system.
Contact No: 1-303-997-3139

ACCM Gmbh, Wien

ACCM is an austrian telephone-system-provider, combining the benefit of traditional telephone systems with the possibilities of Internet. ACCM configures the best solution for your companies needs, regarding least cost, efficiency and scalability.

ACK EDV Dienstleistungs-GmbH

ACK provides consulting, development and deployment for providers and large companies. Several enhancements and tools for integration with other systems are available. (e.g. billing module, webinterfaces, intelligent GSM gateways etc.)

Alexander Topolanek EDV-Beratung und Support

Company with a ten years expierience in the field of telecommunications and call center solutions. We're providing tailored solutions for your business, based on the open source telephony system Asterisk.

Armstrong Consulting GmbH

Armstrong Consulting helps international companies to carry out VoIP deployments and call-center legacy-system integrations.


Brings Asterisk, VOIP, Linux and Network consultants from around the world including Austria under one roof. You simply post your project requirements, maximum budget and time constraints. Consultants will bid on your project in the reverse style auction, giving you the best price possible and luxury of choosing which consultant/company to use.

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Avalaris, Wien

  • Delivery of Asterisk servers, telephony hardware and VoIP telephones
  • Asterisk and Legacy PBX integration and migration
  • Configuration of dial plans and telephone menus
  • Consulting, development and operation of Asterisk VoIP Solutions
  • Hybrid solutions with analogue, ISDN, GSM, VoIP, gateways
  • Linking of telephone systems of offices and subsidiaries in Austria and internationally
  • Fax gateways Email2Fax and Fax2Email
  • Development , tuning and integration of Open Source VoIP networks.

Bizzons eMarketing GmbH

Nikolaiplatz 4, 8020 Graz
IVR and CallCenter Solutions


Asterisk VoIP Solutions
Member of Public Voice Lab

commpany dialog solutions gmbh

We have been active in the market with asterisk-solutions since 2005.
We developed alots of asterisk-solutions like
  • astelan - our fully equipped asterisk-pbx (asterisk telefon anlage)
  • astelan-CC - the asterisk professional call-center
  • astelan-KC - the asterisk utmost powerful conferencing system
  • astelan-M - asterisk as a GSM-Gateway in software
  • asterisk-H - various solutions to minimize mobile phone cost with asterisk
  • astelan-Q - special solution for making existing standard-pbx's "VoIP-able"
  • asterisk-VI - the asterisk voice intranet
  • ilcor - asterisk as a least cost router fpr traditional PABX

CTS Consulting & Trade Service

F├╝rstallergasse 36, 5020 Salzburg
Asterisk server solutions, integration with legacy PBX systems.
Pre configured Servers, installation, maintainance. Open Source
specialist. Company has a wide range of references thruout
Europe. We do FreeBSD, Linux and Windows.

Developer AT GmbH.

Asterisk solutions, Integration of Legacy Systems and Office Applications.
We support all major Linux Systems and Windows.
    • Contact: Andreas Dolleschal
    • Address: Posthorngasse 5/1, 1030 Wien
    • Home Page:
    • Telephone: +43 1 2740077

Firmix Software GmbH

Firmix provides a wide range of Asterisk solutions, from servers (with
legacy PBX integration) to embedded Asterisk appliances (e.g. SoC solutions
like Mindspeed's Comcerto family). We offer worldwide development and
integration services. In Austria we also offer on-site support.

ITS-Pro - Solutions for your Success

LivneX - Open Source Development and Services

Haeusla 24, 8341 Paldau, Steiermark.
Asterisk and Embedded Systems.
    • Contact: Shahar Livne
    • Home Page:
    • Telephone: +43.3150.2588
    • Telephone: +43.720.501012
    • Telephone: +972.3.9656817
    • Telephone: +49.89.420959939
    • Telephone: +49.30.868703833
    • Telephone: +44.870.3404511
    • Telephone: +1.646.485.9685
    • FWD: 524311
    • eMail:

MultiLine Telecom GmbH, Vienna

Telecommunication development, services und support for companies and providers.
Complete solutions and systemintegration for SS7, ISDN and VoIP.
We also provide the PSTN origination & termination (DIDs & DODs) in Austria.
    • Home Page:
    • Telephone: +43 1 78932320, +43 780 700 100
    • Fax: +43 1 7893232-34
    • eMail:

Nextmobile - mobile solutions for the next generation

application development focusing on mobile phones (SYMBIAN), telecom billing
development & consulting, VOIP wholesale and PSTN termination
ASTERISK consulting, management and troubleshooting

Rudolf Faix

    • Contact: Rudolf Faix
    • Home page:
    • Telefone : PSTN +43 680 206 5276
    • Email:

TMS IT-Dienst Timm M. Schneider, Voecklabruck

TMS IT-Dienst provides Asterisk Solutions, like Askozia and CPBX
and VoIP-IAX-Trunks over, since 2006.
Full Service(Planing, Sales, Support)

Wolfgang Pichler

Development of custom asterisk applications.
I do have done the following asterisk applications:
- LCDial
- Calling Card Applications
- MysqlPool
- DBQuery
- DBRewrite
I am also working on an Web Interface for the asterisk system, which does include
- PBX configuration
- Virtual PBX configuration
- Callshop System
- Calling Card System

ZoppelCAD Computer Systemhaus GmbH, Vienna - Complete VoIP Solutions

  • Consulting, development and operation of Asterisk VoIP Solutions
  • Delivery of Asterisk servers, telephony hardware and VoIP telephones
  • Configuration of dial plans and telephone menus
  • Hybrid solutions with analogue, ISDN, GSM, VoIP, gateways
  • Protection of investments in existing switchboards and telephony equipment
  • Linking of telephone systems of offices and subsidiaries in Austria and internationally
  • Mobile telephony solutions for sales force in Austria and internationally
  • Digital dictation solutions on the phone
  • Fax gateways
  • PSTN origination and termination in Austria
  • International virtual numbers

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