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Azuralis AS

Azuralis develops market leading telecommuncation software and services for telecom companies, service providers, organizations and companies.
Our products provide easy integration of telecommuniation services and products with your own applications and infrastructure.
o We create value added services and applications for operators, VARs and ISPs.
o Rich Telecom 2.0 API for use by operators, developers, VARs and enterprises.
o Our product range are all OEM / White Label ready: Conference Bridge, Hosted Secure Call Platform, Voice Notification, IVRs, etc.
o We specialize in medium to large Asterisk installations (25 lines and upwards) in multi-office and multi-tenant configurations with legacy integration (calendar, presence, etc).
o We are the high-priced consultants that are used when the cheaper ones have given up, wasted your time, money and given you a lot of grey hairs.
Contact details :
o Company name: Azuralis AS
o Address : Fortunen 4, 5013 Bergen, Norway
o Web :
o E-mail : post[at]azuralis[dot]no
o Telephone : +47 55621800

Exectiva AS

Exectiva AS has several years experience with Asterisk VoIP-solutions.
Our main focus is Integration and Open Standards.
o Asterisk consulting services
o Cost-efficient solutions
Contact details :

IPLink AS - VoIP and SMS integration

IPLink have several years of experience from the telecom marked in Norway.
We focus on VoIP and SMS service integration.
o VoIP and SMS integration using Asterisk
o FreeBSD systems and communications
o Software development in C, Perl, Java and Flash
o Systems support agreements 24/7
o GSM, GPRS, SIP, H323 and ISDN
o IP-VPN, IPSec and IP-Telephony security
o Oracle and Postgresql
Contact us today @:

Oyatel AS

Oyatel is a new Asterisk Consultant firm.
We have several years of experience with Asterisk, mostly callcenter and provider related.

telecoms-resources as (t-r)

t-r have good experience in stand-alone asterisk business installations or in combination with services of IP-telephone operators (like We also use Asterisk for prepaid-applications for ip-telephony operators, in addition to Hotsip or SER as public-oriented sip-proxy platforms. We have offices in Norway and Sweden, and distribute snom in these countries.

Wingnut Information Systems

Asterisk installation, configuration and development. LDAP management of SIP accounts.
Reseller of components for turnkey Asterisk PBX systems for SMB.
  • Swissvoice
  • Sennheiser
  • Sangoma
Mass-provisioning solutions for the public sector and home market.

Phone: +47 928 40 009

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