Asterisk Consultants Poland

PCDOCTOR - VoIP Division

  • Asterisk based VoIP PBX and Call Center solutions with CRM integration;
  • Video Phone, Video Conferencing and Video over IP to check, control and discuss face to face with your employees;
  • Our consulting services will help your organization to covert its existing telephone system into cost saving, effective and flexible VoIP structure;
  • On site and remote services from our consultants available everyday 8:30 - 20.00;
  • We speak polish and english;


  • SS7 consulting
    • SMG (Sangoma media gateway)
    • CHAN_SS7
    • LIBSS7
  • SOFTSWITCH solutions
  • CALL CENTER solutions

Kuba Kucharski, VOIP consultant

6 years of experience in working with Asterisk including:

  • zaptel(digium, tormenta, sangoma.. e1/t1, gsm)
  • PRI
  • libss7
  • SIP
  • Dundi
  • IAX2
  • voicemail, conferencing, tts
  • building full asterisk pbx solutions for an office


  • Advanced Linux knowledge(10 years experience in using and development of Linux based systems)
  • Advanced network knowledge(iproute2, iptables, ebtables, linux vlans)
  • Avaliable 24h, remote and on-site;
  • polish, english;

VOIPONIC - VoIP IP PBX manufacturer and CRM / Business Integration

  • Energy saving 12W VoIP PBX for small and medium size business;
  • Click to Dial from your PC;

  • We provide consulting services to those interested in VOIP migration.
  • We speak polish and english;

VOIPONIC - Producent Central IP PBX i integracja z CRM

  • Energooszczedne i kompaktowe centrale VoIP IP PBX do pracy małych i średnich grup roboczych;
  • Dzwonienie z komputera za pomocą klikniecia myszką;

  • Wspieramy naszą wiedzą i doświadczeniem wszystkich zainteresowanych wprowadzeniem systemu telefoni VoIP w swojej firmie;

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