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This page is growing large. Please don't post logos!! - Seven Levels Consultants AB, Stockholm

The consultants at 7L have many years of broadband technologies and network services, like design, implementation or problemsolving of all Seven Levels like QoS, IP, Ethernet and higher layers applications like H.323 and SIP. In the VOIP area it is mostly SIP Express Router and Asterisk on Linux systems, but other stuff as well, like web-integration and complete system design., Stockholm

Edvina has over 10 years experience of IP and Internet technology. Olle E. Johansson (, delivers professional services on Internetworking, FreeBSD and Linux systems and Open Source IP telephony with SIP Express Router and Asterisk. Training, installation, support, configuration.

Forest Star AB, Orsa

Forest Star supplies customized packages of Open Source IP telephony with SIP Express Router and Asterisk as well as Dedicated Servers and Shared Hosting Solutions for corporate users as well as installation, support, configuration. We refer all Asterisk Training to above.
We also supply a white labeled hosted ITSP service geared at residential and corporate customers complete with termination and number vendors, E911 (and 112 routing for Sweden).

Kreawit, Link?g

Kreawit have long experiences of implementing infrastructural open source solutions for SME, Open Source IP telephony with Asterisk for corporate users as well as training, installation, support, configuration.
    • Home page:
    • Email::
    • Telephone: +46 13 352950
    • Office address: Strandgatan 2, SE-582 26 Link?g, Sweden

UPSYS AB, Uppsala

UPSYS is a consulting company with more than 15 years experience of the Telecom business. UPSYS focus is on mediation, networking, security, databases and of course VOIP solutions with Asterisk, SER and other tools. We work primarily with FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris platforms. The VOIP group has built solutions for large scale VOIP platforms, predictive dialing, prepaid systems and various pbx solutions.

wx3 telecoms-resources ab (wx3 / t-r)

wx3 / t-r have good experience in stand-alone asterisk business installations or in combination with services of IP-telephone operators. We also use Asterisk for prepaid-applications for ip-telephony operators, in addition to Hotsip or SER as public-oriented sip-proxy platforms. We have offices in Sweden and Norway, and distribute snom in these countries.

    • Address: Ö³ter?, 3rd floor, 164 40 Kista, Sweden
    • Home page:
    • Telephone: +46 (0)8 5250 7972
    • E-mail / sip:

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