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Box Internet Services

IPBX Asterisk solutions, SIP Trunking, Hosting and Internet Solutions

Av. Pictet-de-Rochemont 29
1207 Geneva
Voice: +41 22 735 97 40

A Enterprise GmbH

Migrating Voice over IP, convergent data solutions, full CTI featuring
Nordstrasse 168
8037 Zurich
Telephone: +41 44 350 03 28
ENUM: +882 9999 956900

Alliera AG

Consulting services in automated survey and feedback systems integrating voice mobile messaging and web technologies.

Suedstrasse 18a
8952 Schlieren
Voice: +41 43 311 6166

Asterisk Schweiz

Consulting, Installation, Support and Customer Application Development.Worldwide Remote Support.

Regensbergstrasse 242a
8050 Zürich
Voice: +41 43 317 9440

Camptocamp SA

Custom VoIP solutions based on Asterisk and OpenSER.


IPBX Asterisk solutions and consulting.
Unix systems solutions and consulting.
BeroNet reseller (
    • Home page:
    • Telephone: PSTN: +41 22 308 46 10
    • Contact person: Rafael Torreblanca
    • Email:, La Neuveville (BE)

Primarily focused on free (libre) software development, deployment and consulting, we also are investigating the magic world of Asterisk and voice-over-IP. Although we do not pretend having a solid Asterisk solution for the moment, we are — together with customers and partners — enhancing it every day. In addition we have a few years of experience in telephony and have deployed custom developed IVRs and call forwarders at customer sites. Feel free to contact us as required.

Note that our IAXtel number is only active when I am in the office for now (sorry).
    • Home page:
    • Telephone: IAXtel 1-700-895-52-11, Old PSTN: +41 328 41 40 14
    • Contact person: Marc SCHAEFER
    • Email:

Dr. SIP (Zürich, Switzerland)

Expert for Asterisk, OpenSER/Kamailio, SIP, ENUM, Linux, MySQL

  • 3rd Level Support for SIP Issues / Troubleshooting
  • Installation and maintainance of Asterisk and other SIP systems (OpenSER/Kamailo, FreePBX, etc.)
  • High availability architectures
  • Linux and MySQL
  • NAT traversal
  • Integration of heterogeneous VoIP systems
  • ENUM integration
  • Service contracts
  • Strategic product direction and IETF Standardization
  • Reviewing and development of architectures and designs
  • Education

  • customizable pbx turnkey solution - pbx
  • VoIP consultancy and research
  • pbx and soft-switch developement and integration
  • callcentre desing and implementation

epbx Headquarters
Gotthelfstrasse 102, 4054 Basel, Switzerland

Korialys GmbH

Korialys offers adhoc Asterisk consulting services for various applications. Feel free to email us for more information.

DCAP Certified on version 1.2

Korialys GmbH
Stegstr. 19
8808 Pfaeffikon SZ

  • Email: nick (at)

Linalis SARL (Geneva and Lausanne)

Free Software services, support and Training (LPI certified)
Voip Services & training( Asterisk )
Integration (Zimbra, Asterisk , Alfresco, SugarCRM)
    • Home page:
    • Telephone: PSTN: +41 22 348 30 15
    • Contact person: Nicolas Bocquet
    • Email:


Contact me

Formation et Consulting:: Asterisk, SER, SIP, ...
Location :: Suisse / France
eMail ::
CV ::

New Connection GmbH

Experienced Company in Consulting, Installation and Support (incl. Remote Support) of Asterisk, FreePBX, Trixbox & PIAF.
Wide Range of Asterisk-Solutions, incl. 3 Types of Appliance from SOHO- to Full-Size Solution.

Regensbergstrasse 242a
8050 Zürich
Voice: +41 44 515 55 55

Pardes Group S.A.

Through its scientifc foundation, called Pardes Institute, that participates in many Open Source projects, including the Linux kernel, OpenLDAP, Heartbeat, or the Globus Toolkit, for instance, Pardes Group SA aims at providing with leading expertise (namely consulting, development, and training) in Open Source technology, such as Linux administration, embedded/real-time Linux, cluster/grid computing, high-performance databases, (semantic) web solutions, bioinformatics products, novatory software renovation techniques, or advanced networking solutions (including Asterisk, telephony, peer-to-peer, video conference, virtual classrooms, ...).

Open Phone Net AG

FreePBX-Swiss VoIP, with Swisscom, Cablecom and Local Providers
Mobile Exchange and Hosted Exchange for Handy Tablet und PC integration
alternative for Microsoft Exchange
Gächlingerstr. 12
8213 Neunkirch
Telephone: +41 52 508 19 22

ProLibre SaRL (Geneva)

- Open sources solutions
- Infrastructure and network security
- PBX for small and medium company
- Linux Training
- OpenERP (TinyERP) Official Partner
    • Home page:
    • Telephone PSTN:: +41 22 301 5383
    • Contact person: Gilbert Robert
    • Email:

Telco Pack SA

Telco Pack SA provides high quality VoIP solutions. Based on a study of your specific needs, we offer you a customized package including hardware, software and services.
    • www: VoIP Provider
    • email:
    • phone: +41 21 647 30 75

Taridium PBX und Service Provider Solutions

Taridium is one of the leaders in open standards enterprise VoIP solutions. Taridium's offering ranges from managed VoIP services for small and medium sized businesses through to high capacity telephony solutions for large enterprises.

TDN Services

We are a F/LOSS solutions integrator, our team has broad experiences in implementing infrastructural solutions for SMB and corporate users.
We provide :
- Linux services and network solutions
- VoIP & Asterisk consulting, management, troubleshooting and training
- CTI development
- complete SMB solutions

Techselesta Inc.

  • Web site:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone1: ( 091) 220-0821
  • Calling Card
  • IVR
  • Text 2 Speech
  • Conferencing
  • Chat Rooms
  • Voicemail
  • VoIP Billing
  • Custom AGI Development
  • Calling Center (custom queues)
  • Paid-Per-Call numbers (US & Canada)

VoIP-One GmbH (Wil, St.Gallen)

Innovative VoIP-Systems for small and middle sized companies in East Switzerland.
Based on Asterisk. Extending and customizing for swiss companies.

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