Asterisk Documentation 1.2 README.cliprompt

* Changing the CLI Prompt

The CLI prompt is set with the ASTERISK_PROMPT UNIX environment variable that
you set from the Unix shell before starting Asterisk

You may include the following variables, that will be replaced by
the current value by Asterisk:

%d	Date (year-month-date)
%h	Full hostname
%H	Short hostname
%t	Time
%%	Percent sign
%#	'#' if Asterisk is run in console mode, '>' if running as remote console
%Cn[;n]	Change terminal foreground (and optional background) color to specified
	A full list of colors may be found in include/asterisk/term.h

On Linux systems, you may also use
%l1     Load average over past minute
%l2     Load average over past 5 minutes
%l3     Load average over past 15 minutes
%l4     Process fraction (processes running / total processes)
%l5     The most recently allocated pid


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