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A PBX is only really useful if you can get calls into it.  Of course, you
can use Asterisk with VoIP calls (SIP, H.323, IAX), but you can also talk
to the real PSTN through various cards.

Supported Hardware is divided into two general groups:  DAHDI devices and 
non-DAHDI devices.  The DAHDI compatible hardware supports pseudo-TDM 
conferencing and all call features through chan_dahdi, whereas non-DAHDI 
compatible hardware may have different features.

DAHDI compatible hardware

-- Digium (Primary author of Asterisk)
        http://www.digium.com, http://store.digium.com

   * Wildcard T400P (obsolete) - Quad T1 interface connects to four T1/PRI 
     interfaces.  Supports RBS and PRI voice and PPP, FR, and HDLC data.

   * Wildcard E400P (obsolete)- Quad E1 interface connects to four E1/PRI 
     (or PRA) interfaces.  Supports PRA/PRI, EuroISDN voice and data.

   * Wildcard T100P - Single T1 interface connects to a single T1/PRI
     interface.  Supports RBS and PRI voice and PPP, FR, and HDLC data.

   * Wildcard E100P - Single E1 interface connects to a single E1/PRI (or PRA)
     interface.  Supports PRA/PRI, EuroISDN voice and PPP, FR, HDLC data.

   * Wildcard TDM400P - Quad Modular FXS interface connects to standard
     analog telephones.

   * Wildcard TE410P - Quad T1/E1 switchable interface.  Supports PRI and 
     RBS signalling, as well as PPP, FR, and HDLC data modes.

Non-DAHDI compatible hardware

-- QuickNet, Inc. 

   * Internet PhoneJack - Single FXS interface.  Supports Linux telephony
     interface.  DSP compression built-in.

   * Internet LineJack - Single FXS or FXO interface.  Supports Linux 
     telephony interface.

mISDN compatible hardware
mISDN homepage:  http://www.isdn4linux.de/mISDN/

Any adapter with an mISDN driver should be compatible with
chan_misdn. See misdn.txt for information.

-- beroNet 

   * BN4S0 - 4 Port BRI card (TE/NT)

   * BN8S0 - 8 Port BRI card (TE/NT)

   * Billion Card - Single Port BRI card (TE (/NT with crossed cable) )

Miscellaneous other interfaces


   * Any ALSA compatible full-duplex sound card

-- OSS

   * Any OSS compatible full-duplex sound card

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